About Me

My passion for photography was born while a college student when I took a seemingly random photography class for the purpose of filling a requirement. Ever since, I always looked for opportunities to develop my skills as a photographer and eventually as a videographer. Over the past decade or so, I've taken on many video projects for churches and non-profits. When the pandemic shut everything down in 2020, I was well-positioned to assist others in what became a brand new way of living and a new normal.

I enjoy helping others tell their stories - and these stories take on many different forms. Whether it is an interview, a live event, or installing new equipment, I'm happy to assist.

Reach out if you have a project in mind. I'd love the opportunity help you do what you are passionate about.

Cody Haar


Technology for every event.

Audio & Sound Reinforcement


Corporate events, markets, government, weddings, church events

  • Indoor events - up to 200 people

  • Outdoor events - up to 150 people

Send me a message for rates and scheduling. info@haarmedia.com

Live Events

Lighting, live event recording & streaming, and audio solutions


House of worship, board rooms, and other installed video equipment


Testimonials, interviews, commercials, informational videos, and special projects



Portraits, Real Estate, Special Events

Custom CNC Projects

Custom signs, logos, wall art


Writing projects, devotionals, articles